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Machine Learning: How does it impact SEO?

So, in the previous post we discussed what Machine Learning is. In this post we’ll go over how machine learning is impacting the way search engines (more precisely Google) work. How are they using machine learning (e.g. RankBrain) to deliver the best search results to their audience. Without saying this is also the way Google is treating

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Machine Learning & Digital Marketing: What is Machine Learning?

RankBrain, Programmatic Buying, Artificial Intelligence, Real Time Bidding, Algorithm Updates… Digital marketing these days is all about big words and the math behind them. How is machine learning actually impacting digital marketing? That’s what I’m exploring in this series on ‘Machine Learning & Digital Marketing’. Although I’m not a machine learning expert, I’m trying to give you

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100% Emotional, 100% Digital, 100% more Conversions

‘What would they do without me?’ It’s a questions every parent asks himself sometimes. Digital agency Wijs designed a creative, digital campaign for Delta Lloyd Life asking this question, only unambiguously serious. With an emotional video marketing campaign, we demanded awareness for death insurance. Did it work? Delta Lloyd Life saw their conversions increase 100% during the

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