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Bescherm je gezin Delta Lloyd Life

‘What would they do without me?’ It’s a questions every parent asks himself sometimes. Digital agency Wijs designed a creative, digital campaign for Delta Lloyd Life asking this question, only unambiguously serious. With an emotional video marketing campaign, we demanded awareness for death insurance. Did it work? Delta Lloyd Life saw their conversions increase 100% during the campaign.

At the beginning of the new school year, Delta Lloyd Life wanted to raise attention for study costs. It’s a cost that students simply can’t pay themselves so they count on their parents to ‘put them through college’. So, the goal was to raise awareness for the need to insure your family’s future financially, even when you, as a parent, are no longer there.

Delta Lloyd Life wanted people to think about death insurance and contact their financial advisor about this issue. Together we made up a creative brief and came with an ambitious plan.

Videos were made for both Dutch and French speaking Belgium.

The perception-reality gap

An actionable message is not made out of thin air. It is the the result of decent research. To know exactly what we wanted to tell our audience, we had to know what they were thinking today. So we carried a few questions around:

  • How aware are people about the risk of dying?
  • What do people think death insurance actually is?
  • How much do they a death insurance costs on a monthly basis?

We immediately discovered a few gaps between perception and reality. And it was not in the areas we thought it would be. So this became the insight we would base the campaign on.

Although we thought we knew the market, our research proved us wrong. Always be testing your assumptions.

If you don’t, your campaign could be a failure before you even started.

Audience ≠ Expert

Keeping the results from our earlier research in mind, we started building our creative concept. If you’ve ever been in the finance & insurance field, you’ll know products are constantly described using words like insured capital, optional coverage, capital regression… And it just doesn’t make for an actionable message. So we went back to what parental support really means for their children.

We made two short videos that immediately grab the attention of every parent. The video’s message was sculpted until only the pure essence remained: ‘What would they do without you?’

In the video, we see what the financial support of parents actually means for their children, but also how obvious it seems to be. Only when the parents start to disappear, we start to notice this support isn’t obvious at all.


>We made two videos to cover 2 distinct target audiences.

We pulled in the attention by using a first person perspective. We chose for a soft but clear storytelling to get the audience to think about the need for financial protection of their family in case of decease.

Thanks to the campaign being 100% digital, the audience always had the chance to immediately click through to our landing page for more information. They were brought to a landing page providing everything they needed to know. (www.beschermjegezin.be / www.protegezvotrefamille.be)

From emotion to action

The landing page was built with the campaigns business goal in mind: Getting people to make an appointment with their financial advisor about death insurance. That’s why the page follows a clear path from emotion to action.

Our earlier research told us which subjects and questions we should touch on the landing page to convince people to get death insurance. And, to make it even more personal, we added in a death insurance calculator.

All the information was put in place by a team of UX-experts, copywriters and designers so it would be a top-notch experience, totally in line with the brand guidelines.

Getting people from emotion to action is a hard step that’s often forgotten. It’s not enough to make people feel something…

Campaigning with a plan

Starting the campaign, we knew things would be hard. We had to combine two goals that are mostly separated in normal conditions:

  • Create awareness around death insurance.
  • Get people to contact their financial advisor.

To reach our objectives, we choose a specific combination of digital channels that would enable us to reach our audience very specifically while still having the creative space to bring forward our message in video.

We choose channels that natively used video as one of the main content types to blend in our message flawlessly.

We made a clear choice to invest a significant proportion of the campaign budget into creating really good content. Having good content and being able to target our audience with very high precision, made it possible to allocate budget perfectly for a low CPA.

Want to know more? Read this:

Very important in lowering CPA’s was the cross-device retargeting strategy we were able to develop throughout the campaign. We combined the multiple touchpoints people had with the campaign into different campaign journeys.

The results, you ask? Spectacular.

Delta Lloyd Life saw on-site conversions increase with 100% during the campaign. We managed to double conversions by highlighting one specific product category.

Although targeting was very specific and media budgets were rather low, we managed to reach more than 500,000 people from our target audience.

During the campaign, search volumes for ‘death insurance’ went up 25% nationally, even when controlled for other trends.

As I’m quite biased about the campaign, I’ll let our client take the floor:

Thanks to the well thought-out plan from Wijs, we had this moving campaign to reach the right audiences in the best way possible. And it showed in the results. — Alain Sips, Digital Marketing Advisor @ Delta Lloyd Life

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