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Structuring XML Sitemaps for SEO

There’s a lot of information all around the internet considering the use of XML Sitemaps for SEO purposes. In this post I’ll explain why you should have them, how you should structure them and how you can use XML Sitemaps to increase crawling and indexing of your website. I’ll answer some frequently asked questions too. What is

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Machine Learning: How does it impact SEO?

So, in the previous post we discussed what Machine Learning is. In this post we’ll go over how machine learning is impacting the way search engines (more precisely Google) work. How are they using machine learning (e.g. RankBrain) to deliver the best search results to their audience. Without saying this is also the way Google is treating

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Should URL Structure Follow Site Structure?

It’s a frequently heard advice when talking about URL structures: Your URL structure should follow your site’s navigation as closely as possible. This way Google understands your site structure better. For example Kissmetrics states it on its blog: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/site-structure-enhance-seo/ So does Moz.com when talking about URL Structure best practices: But is this actually true? Let’s dive into

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